21st Edition of Euroderm Excellence Training Program


This year we conduct the 21st edition of the Euroderm Excellence Training Program: a unique course offered to the best residents in dermato-venereology throughout Europe.

This course is organized by the European Dermatology Forum, a non-profit professional organization dedicated to improving the healthcare needs of dermatology patients in Europe.

Participating in Euroderm Excellence is a privilege. We aim to provide you with an outstanding teaching program covering up to date and practical knowledge in the different fields of dermato-venereology. Moreover, we want to offer the selected residents an opportunity to share time and experience with their peers from all over Europe, and to have a chance to interact with a panel of the leading experts in dermatology and venereology.


Dermatologists from all over Europe will be attending this face-to face course to deliver during 4 days the best of their knowledge to provide the attendees with the highest standard of European education. The task of this experienced international Faculty is to provide an "in-depth" and "hands-on" course covering the most important aspects of dermatological practice. The ultimate objective is to stimulate your mind and help foster your goal of becoming a future opinion leader in our discipline.